dance educator. teaching artist.

In the classroom, I hope to facilitate an environment which empowers students to discover and refine their dance technique, as well as gain an appreciation for dance as art, education, and physical practice.

Wayne State University: Dance 2010 Modern 2, Dance 2460 Dance Improvisation, Dance 3180 Dance Kinesiology, Dance 5800 Repertory

Courses Designed: Whatcom Community College Modern1-3, Jazz 1, Dance Choreography + Performance, Global Perspectives on Dance, PE Health + Wellness, Wayne State University: Dance Kinesiology, Movement Analysis

Technique Courses Taught: Contemporary Modern (all levels), Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Hip-Hop, Jazz (all levels), Beginning Ballet, Pilates (all levels), Yoga (all levels)

Theory Courses Taught: Global Perspectives on Dance History, Dance Choreography + Performance, Health + Wellness, Anatomy of Human Movement, Dance Kinesiology, Repertory