Two entirely different types of research: NDEO 2018 & Movement Journal

I had the privilege of attending NDEO 2018 in San Diego, CA this month. I presented on a panel of colleagues, as well as gave a talk on my latest research. I feel compelled to continue my personal research, as in the process of preparing “Connecting To and Through Technique: Somatics and Transfer for Accessible Learning,” I was reminded how complicated, individual, and important our job is as dance educators. I plan on continuing to hone this presentation, and perhaps you will see it in a journal someday!

While at the conference I attended several notable presentations, reconnected with friends from all over the country, and had the opportunity to dance and watch dance. There were about a dozen University of Oregon alumni attending this year’s conference, and it was wonderful to reconnect with our “family” and see how everyone has chosen to shape their careers after graduate school.

In addition to my scholarly research, current choreographic and performance research, and constant teaching research, this year I have created a daily movement journal. This project has been challenging, invigorating, creatively stimulating, vulnerable, and at times stifling. Each day, I post a clip of myself moving on the instagram handle @hannah_and_moves. While at NDEO I had the pleasure of collaborating with some colleagues amidst the busy conference schedule. There is always time for a little bit of movement! Head over to my instagram and watch days 113-117 to see a glimpse into our creativity. At the end of this project, I plan on turning it into a piece for live performance. Stay tuned!

5 of the 10+ University of Oregon Alumni attending the conference this year! AT Moffett, Darion Smith, Bryant Henderson, Hannah Andersen, Allison Eversoll, and Sherrie Barr

5 of the 10+ University of Oregon Alumni attending the conference this year! AT Moffett, Darion Smith, Bryant Henderson, Hannah Andersen, Allison Eversoll, and Sherrie Barr

Just before our panel “MFA Takeaways: Connecting Knowledge to Practice.” Darion Smith, Hannah Andersen, Bryant Henderson, and Gabrielle McNeillie

Just before our panel “MFA Takeaways: Connecting Knowledge to Practice.” Darion Smith, Hannah Andersen, Bryant Henderson, and Gabrielle McNeillie

Just before Anne Green Gilbert’s braindance workshop with Ellie Brown and Gabrielle McNeillie.

Just before Anne Green Gilbert’s braindance workshop with Ellie Brown and Gabrielle McNeillie.

7-Day Dance Festival

Here are a few images from the creation of my latest work "Révéler" with dancers Caitlin Nelson (Eugene) and Cecelia Hanford (Bellingham). The 7-Day Dance Festival was sponsored by Bellingham Repertory Dance. This first-time festival brought 40+ dancers from WA, OR, CA, and OH together for a week of creation. Teams were offered 16 hours of free rehearsal space (donated generously by our sponsors across the Bellingham dance community). It culminated in a sold-out concert at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center on 9/22! It was such a success, we are already planning this exciting festival for next year!

This new work was inspired by a box of antique hats I discovered upon moving back to Bellingham this summer.

Photo Credits: Juliette Machado, Jmworks

Sound: Michael Wall


Choreographic Research

"Beginning in a tense unison, Andersen’s dancers unfurl, peeling from the center through sideways leaps, axial turns and earthy slides. They continually discover balance, only to lose grip of it again, creating a dialectical whorl of intention. One particularly strong moment — organic crosses from stage left to right and back again, set against Markus Johnson’s evocative music — show off Andersen’s knack for accented rhythm, dynamic relationships and explosive shape."                     --Rachel Carnes of Eugene Weekly

While this year has been full of my thesis research, I have been fortunate to also be steeped in research in the studio. My thesis is a mixed methods empirical research study on the effects of science and somatics on the performance of dance skills, and because I am so deep in this inquiry, I find myself constantly craving creative work in the studio. 

As a guest choreographer for DANCE 2017, I had the pleasure of working with fourteen undergraduate dancers, a local composer (Markus Johnson), costume designers from the Theatre Department, and lighting designer Anthony Harvey.

Our piece was titled "Ecliptic" and premiered over 3 nights in the Robinson Theatre at the University of Oregon.

See a review of the concert here. And a link to a trailer here.

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall  Dancers: Jessica Taylor, Katherine Dean, Julia McCall

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall

Dancers: Jessica Taylor, Katherine Dean, Julia McCall

Additionally, my duet "edit" has been selected for adjudication at the American College Dance Association Conference at the end of March hosted here, at the University of Oregon. This duet is a new version of a piece created last year, and it has been clarifying, challenging, and fulfilling to continue working so intensely on an existing work. This duet also fulfills a large hole for me in that I am a performer. It is critical for me in times where I am so invested in my research to be in practice.

Lastly, my dance film "Saturday Morning" was accepted in the 4th Annual College Dance Film Shorts festival at Arizona State University, and will be screened in April at the Gala.

My most recent screendance, completed this weekend with dancer Jessica Taylor, is now live. See below.

I am honored to be in a field where research can unfold in such complex and interdisciplinary ways.


(some) Summer 2016 Highlights

I told myself that I would start to focus on school September 1. It is August 31. Here are my reflections on summer so far-- a full summer-- rich and invigorating. 

  • Year 2 of teaching at North Star Ballet in Fairbanks, AK for 2 weeks-- even more fulfilling than the first year. Thank you to all of the students, my hosts and my husband for tagging along in this research endeavor. I experienced ample growth in myself and the students whether in Modern, Pilates, Creative Process or Ballet.
  • Co-teaching a Hip Hop class in Bellingham, WA with my DJ brother GRAYMATTER followed by teaching a Contemporary class for Dance Gallery in Bellingham, WA.
  • Teaching for the Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Oregon. This program brought 133 High School students from the states, Taiwan and Korea for 2 weeks. I had the pleasure of teaching Anatomy of Movement, and a Dance Sampler class- what fun to rekindle my Camp Counselor side.
  • An incredible wedding in Spokane, WA where I got to remember how many amazing and strong women are part of my community.
  • Teaching Pilates for the Ballet Fantastique Summer Intensive through Eugene Yoga. It was so wonderful to see how open the students were to talking about fascia, asking questions, and trying out every little crazy idea I presented.
  • The process of preparing for my first ever conference presentation at the Dance Science and Somatics Educators Conference at the University of Utah with Sherrie Barr and Sarah Ebert. It was humbling, challenging and invigorating.
  • The DSSE Conference 2016- I came home and said "I found my people!" I was so honored to present as a part of a panel with Sherrie Barr and Sarah Ebert called "Uncovering HOW, WHAT, and WHY: The Pedagogy within Somatics." Thank you to the organizers, presenters, attendees, and my friend and colleague Susan Haines from WWU for sharing a bed with me.
  • Attending Sarah Ebert's Modern Dance Intensive as a student at the Eugene Ballet Academy. What an incredible group of dancers. 
  • FINALLY receiving IRB approval to go ahead with my research this Fall at the University of Oregon. Here we go!
  • A week in Bellingham, WA where I was honored to return to my home Pilates studio and teach for a week. I appreciate the educational and open nature of the space, and it was so great to see everyone again! 
  • Teaching my thesis phrases to Dance Gallery of Bellingham in their Wednesday night class.
  • Heading back to the studio to work with the magnificent Shannon Tallman on my thesis phrasework. Thank you for your skills- the footage is gorgeous!
  • 2 different camping trips and many adventures with our little family (Roy is a great traveler).
  • My daily Eugene bike tour between 3 different movement studios as a substitute teacher. When you don't look, work will find you. Thank you to all of the clients for playing along with me this summer.
  • Finally, realizing how much the past two years of graduate school have influenced my teaching, process and understanding of movement. I have felt the true meaning of "marination" this summer....where you step away from rigor and experience the shifts that have manifested themselves within you. Here is to one more year-- and the most exciting one yet!

Launching Into Spring

After a full and exciting winter term, spring is upon us at the University of Oregon. We had a very successful trip to ACDA in Laramie, Wyoming. I had the pleasure of teaching 2 classes. Both were full and fulfilling for me, and the student's were receptive to the content and pedagogy! "Pilates to Awaken and Prepare" looked at utilizing pilates-based vocabulary and a somatic approach to pedagogy to assist dancers in understanding how this conditioning method transfers to their technique class. "Stepping Into the Cypher: a hip hop experience" blew the roof off our tiny black box space. For me, this class was less about the movement material, and more about teaching methods. The student's turned it up, and we had a blast. I will post the video soon!

Prior to leaving for ACDA, our graduate seminar had a showing of our new dance films we made for our screendance course under Shannon Mockli. I have linked the film to this post for you to enjoy!

Spring Term at the UO will bring me another full teaching schedule as well as finally seeking approval for my prospectus. Stay Tuned!


Winter: Choreography, Performance, Teaching and Writing

This term at the University of Oregon, I am honored to get to engage is all sides of the creative coin in dance. Not only am I setting a new work, I am teaching, learning 6 new works as a part of University of Oregon Repertory Dance Company, performing in the faculty concert, and writing my thesis prospectus under the tutelage of Dr. Steven Chatfield. As a performer, I am faced with a diverse range of work ranging from dancing in my own new work, to understudying a Bella Lewistky solo for the faculty concert. It is wonderful to experience and question my technical range. As a teacher, my classes stretch from beginning Ballet to advanced Hip Hop.


Check back as American College Dance Association gets closer this spring. I will be posting about my classes and how they fit into my thesis research.