Launching Into Spring

After a full and exciting winter term, spring is upon us at the University of Oregon. We had a very successful trip to ACDA in Laramie, Wyoming. I had the pleasure of teaching 2 classes. Both were full and fulfilling for me, and the student's were receptive to the content and pedagogy! "Pilates to Awaken and Prepare" looked at utilizing pilates-based vocabulary and a somatic approach to pedagogy to assist dancers in understanding how this conditioning method transfers to their technique class. "Stepping Into the Cypher: a hip hop experience" blew the roof off our tiny black box space. For me, this class was less about the movement material, and more about teaching methods. The student's turned it up, and we had a blast. I will post the video soon!

Prior to leaving for ACDA, our graduate seminar had a showing of our new dance films we made for our screendance course under Shannon Mockli. I have linked the film to this post for you to enjoy!

Spring Term at the UO will bring me another full teaching schedule as well as finally seeking approval for my prospectus. Stay Tuned!