Choreographic Research

"Beginning in a tense unison, Andersen’s dancers unfurl, peeling from the center through sideways leaps, axial turns and earthy slides. They continually discover balance, only to lose grip of it again, creating a dialectical whorl of intention. One particularly strong moment — organic crosses from stage left to right and back again, set against Markus Johnson’s evocative music — show off Andersen’s knack for accented rhythm, dynamic relationships and explosive shape."                     --Rachel Carnes of Eugene Weekly

While this year has been full of my thesis research, I have been fortunate to also be steeped in research in the studio. My thesis is a mixed methods empirical research study on the effects of science and somatics on the performance of dance skills, and because I am so deep in this inquiry, I find myself constantly craving creative work in the studio. 

As a guest choreographer for DANCE 2017, I had the pleasure of working with fourteen undergraduate dancers, a local composer (Markus Johnson), costume designers from the Theatre Department, and lighting designer Anthony Harvey.

Our piece was titled "Ecliptic" and premiered over 3 nights in the Robinson Theatre at the University of Oregon.

See a review of the concert here. And a link to a trailer here.

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall  Dancers: Jessica Taylor, Katherine Dean, Julia McCall

Photo Credit: Pam Cressall

Dancers: Jessica Taylor, Katherine Dean, Julia McCall

Additionally, my duet "edit" has been selected for adjudication at the American College Dance Association Conference at the end of March hosted here, at the University of Oregon. This duet is a new version of a piece created last year, and it has been clarifying, challenging, and fulfilling to continue working so intensely on an existing work. This duet also fulfills a large hole for me in that I am a performer. It is critical for me in times where I am so invested in my research to be in practice.

Lastly, my dance film "Saturday Morning" was accepted in the 4th Annual College Dance Film Shorts festival at Arizona State University, and will be screened in April at the Gala.

My most recent screendance, completed this weekend with dancer Jessica Taylor, is now live. See below.

I am honored to be in a field where research can unfold in such complex and interdisciplinary ways.