Pilates and Functional Movement Training

Hannah Andersen is a Comprehensively Certified Pilates Instructor through Balanced Body University. She also is proficient in Corealign, and has pursued continuing education in the fields of anatomy, kinesiology, biomechanics, neuroscience, Body-Mind Centering, and Bartenieff Fundamentals. She comes to Pilates with a uniquely somatic approach and sees it as a tool for integration, awareness, and change.

Photo Credit: Kelli Matthews

Weekly Classes in Bellingham, WA

Core Kinetics Movement and Pilates

Tuesdays: 8a Pilates Reformer Challenge,  9a Int Reformer Pilates 2

Whatcom Faculty Wellness (for WCC Staff and Faculty only)

Tuesday 12p Mindful Mat Pilates, Thursday 12p Mat Pilates Flow, Friday 12p Yoga Flow

Individual sessions available upon request

For more information, submit the form below, or email Hannah at hannahandmoves@gmail.com. 


"I can unequivocally recommend Hannah Andersen to anyone interested in hiring a pilates or movement instructor. Hannah is an absolutely outstanding teacher and I consider her to be in the top 1% of her field. She has university-level knowledge of human anatomy and movement principles and makes safety central to all instruction. Hannah respects individual fitness goals and creatively and spontaneously adapts exercise to each client’s needs. She is kind, tough, a great motivator and always brings her sense of humor to the studio."

B. Trent, Mount Vernon, WA

"I am an uncoordinated, un-athletic non-dancing grandmother with a weak back who started working with Hannah three years ago in our community center. I was interested in Pilates, but quite nervous about trying it. Hannah's quiet skill and humor disarmed me immediately! She seemed to understand my hesitation, but also my limitations...I am also terrified of personal coach bullies-- no matter what they teach. Rest assured, Hannah could not bully if she tried. But that does not mean her classes are mamby-pamby: you work hard and get good, wherever you start... Private lessoms were a stretch financially, but they were so helpful that I didn't blink at the cost. The upshot: my body is stronger and better aligned than ever. Very few young people, in my experience, are comfortable and understanding the bodies of those many decades older than they; Hannah defies that stereotype."

K. Langdon, Bellingham, WA

"I have had multiple opportunities to both experience and observe Mrs. Andersen's exceptional professional skills and abilities. She is equally adept in teaching individual and group classes. Her guidance is precise and tailored to the needs of her clients. With her extensive dance background, Mrs. Andersen bring a very special creativity to her work. She possesses excellent observation skills and is adept at determining movement problems or issues. With her knowledge of physiology and movement, she is able to develop and implement effective short- and long-term remediations. She takes great pleasure in helping her clients develop their abilities to move well and to achieve positive health."

S. Salzman, Bellingham, WA

"Through no fault of my own, I'm 82 years old. You would not believe this should you meet me: many people guess I'm 30 years younger than that (and their opinion is not based on the fact that I often act as if I were 5). Honestly, I'm stronger, more supple than I was 25 years ago -- and this physical improvement has come about largely through my Pilates training with Hannah Andersen.

Hannah is not merely a gifted instructor (her knoweldge of the body and how it works complimented by her many years of experience as a dancer), she is a delightful human being, warm and compassionate even when a client like me is being obtuse. I submit that your body will benefit greatly from training with Hannah, and that your brain will find it a joy."

T. Robbins, La Conner, WA

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